Ajna Kenning is a San Francisco based local artist originally from Prague, where she designed and hand made theme costumes for dance groups, theater companies and different performing artists.
Ajna creates different theme costumes from 1999. 
Her passion are native tribe dresses of Gypsies, Polynesian dresses, but loves European history, so lot of her dresses reflects the time periods of gothic, renaissance, baroque and rococo to 1920's.
Her obsession with dresses reflects in her art work. Ajna creates different fantasy and fusion style, plays with Japanese kimonos, Chinese fabrics, Middle Eastern designs and beyond. 
Ajna creates from scratch, often inspired by a piece of fabric or jewel. She makes Japanese origami crowns and collages or kanzashi flowers.


Styling, art consultations and photoshoot assistance for artists, models and dancers or help photographers work with models.



Ajna will help you choose your perfect style and build a costume based on your need that. 

Whether you want a consultation or make a custom made costume, happy to help out.

Let's get startedContact.

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Traditional Indian dress Sapera

Sapera Kalbeliya tribe dresses. Full sets: hand embroidered skirt, top, head dress, belt.