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Dynamic, colorful and fun dance shows from Roma world. Romani dance shows from India, Spain, Europe - Czech, Slovakia and Hungary and Romania. Dances with tambourine, veils, Fire dance, Sword dancer or candles. 
Roma Dance shows are great choice for all kinds of events, theme parties, birthdays, cultural presentations or weddings.

Ajna can customize your show from a short and  exciting 5 to 15-minute performance, to more elaborate shows that include a fire dance or gypsy dance lesson for guests, costume changes, specialty acts, and opportunities to highlight the guest of honor.

Ajna learned and studied Roma dances all around the globe. Her love of Roma music and dance started when she was just a little girl when she spend her time at grandma’s house in Southern Slovakia, where lot of her friends were Roma people. As an adult she spent lot of her time of researching the colorful world of different cultural influences of regions, where the Roma people settled. It was so interesting to follow the Romano drom (The travels of the tribes from India to Europe). Ajna stayed in India, Rajasthan, learned Russian, Romanian, Hungarian and Slovak gypsy dances and also Spanish Flamenco. With her dance group Trn v oku based in Prague, Czech republic, they produced a successful theatre show Romano Drom (VIDEO), where they introduced the beauty of Roma culture true dance and music.

Ajna loves the dynamic and fiery Roma music and loves to perform it. She dances with various dance props such as shawl, tambourine, candles, palm torches, finger cymbals, swords and more. If interested, she can dance on live music.

Romani dance is great to combine with Fire dancing, creole Sega or
 Thai and Indian dance.

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Professional International Dance Artist

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